The punch card design I used in my latest machine knit t-shirt is available. It’s free, and it comes with PDF printouts that you can use as templates with blank punch cards and a puncher. If you have a computer-controlled cutting machine, I’ve also included the SVG file for you to import into your cutting software. If you use the basic version of Silhouette Design Studio, I’ve also included the Silhouette file for your convenience. Download the pattern PDF and SVG.

I’m glad I’m able to directly link the ZIP file here, because I’m unable to when I create a shop item. I’ll have to rethink how I offer free items in the future. At the moment, the only way to avoid going through the checkout process to download a free digital product is to use the link provided to Google Drive. The image below shows what I mean. Once clicked, Google Drive will show you all the files included in the ZIP file and you can download it on the top right corner of the page. Both ways work, except I must remember to upload the files, and keep them up to date at more than just one place!

Edit (27 Mar 2022): This post was written when I had my website hosted somewhere else, and the online shop plus linked files no longer exist. I updated this post with a link to the files shared from my Google Drive.

While I hope to be able to draft and sell some patterns one day, I’ve decided to give my first one away for free!

Handwoven scarf in purple and navy

This scarf weaving pattern contains  all the charts you need and details on how I wove it. The document is not suitable for those who have never woven before — it assumes you have woven a few items and that you are familiar with your loom. I have, however, added some tips just in case you aren’t familiar with the methods that I’ve used. You may like to do things differently, and that’s fine too.

Requirements: 4-shaft loom, 9 inch weaving width, 10-dent reed for 20 epi
More details are in the PDF.

Since this pattern is available for no cost, I ask that you use it to make items for yourself or for gifting only. As it’s also my first pattern, any constructive criticism will be accepted, but please be courteous.

Finally, here is the link to download the PDF: Warm and Stylish Twill Scarf Pattern

Handwoven scarf in purple and navy