I missed my “Minipost Mittwoch” Wednesday posts, which is somewhat a relief because writing in German takes all morning to do.¬†ūüėõ

So what’s been happening? I am in a knitting frenzy. I finished my throw/blanket, which is already being put to use, and now I’ve¬†started knitting my cardigan. I used smaller needles than the pattern called for, plus a different yarn, so I am afraid that it might end up smaller than the pattern’s XS size. I have been laying it flat against my store-bought cardigan and it seems to stretch a little to match. It might work after all. I’m halfway through knitting the back panel.

I also bought some plush fabric from Buttinette to make a couple of plush bears, but the plush fur isn’t very soft or plushy. The fabric is stiff and feels like it’s meant for upholstery rather than toys. Bah. I’ll continue anyway, since I put all the effort into preparing the cardboard templates already. Joints are also apparently extremely difficult to buy online, locally. I have one set of plastic joints but I want to¬†use cotter-pins to make wobbly joints. I really like my flexible Charlie Bears and want to replicate the wobbly¬†feeling.

I have not been going out much lately. I am bored of Zurich! But I don’t want to travel, so I just stay at home in my bubble. I am cooking more though; simple soups and stir-fried dishes. It only took me 10 years to start real cooking on my own (of course I already knew how to make¬†simpler things). I was getting tired of Michael’s schnitzels and sp√§tzli.

Went to the dentist on Monday, but the dental hygienist removed part of my dental seal but¬†claimed that she didn’t and couldn’t even if she wanted to. I had to go back on Tuesday because I was sure it had been damaged. My¬†dentist also agreed that it was damaged and¬†had to polish the little remainder of the seal¬†to make it smooth again. I may have to replace it sooner than I originally would have had. I am so angry because I wanted to have my teeth checked and cleaned but I ended up with more misfortune than before.

I also had my hair cut on Tuesday, and had to pay CHF 20 for shampooing and blow-drying too, because Michael could not tell them to stop; he was too slow and wasn’t paying attention. I explained what style I wanted in German just fine, but when it comes to stressful situations like telling them I don’t want to pay for washing or drying, I can’t think of the words. So that was CHF 80 in total to get my hair done. It isn’t even a very good cut. After I washed it the next day, my wavy hair set back and stuck out all over the place. I might have to get another cut in less than two months. The only bright side was, I spoke quite a lot of German that day, including a little bit on the phone with the dentist’s receptionist.

Spätzli was so sweet and slept for an hour on my lap:

2014-09-30 22.39.18

But the next day, he just gobbled up veggies, packed some for the road and wanted to go home immediately. He’s like that.

(Scroll down for English) 
Schon lange habe ich nicht auf Deustch geschrieben… Es¬†macht viel¬†M√ľhe, und ich bin echt faul. Ich weiss, dass ich mehr √ľben sollte, auch zu Hause. Viele¬†W√∂rter und Pr√§positionen, die ich vorher kenne, muss ich wieder im W√∂rterbuch nachschauen. Ich bin nutzlos. Zum Gl√ľck erinnere ich mich noch an alle Grammatik, die ich gelernt habe.

Ich möchte nicht mehr Memebox Reviews schreiben, schätze ich, weil sie zu viel Arbeit sind. Ich habe schon aufgehört, neue Boxen zu bestellen. Ich habe viel zu viel Produkte, die ich benutzen muss! Kurze Reviews und neue Bestellungen mache ich weiter nächstes Jahr in den USA.

Ich habe aber einen neuen Memebox-code bekommen! Den k√∂nnt ihr einmal im September durch mein Affliate-link benutzen. Das bedeutet, ihr m√ľsst ein Link auf dieser Seite klicken, bevor ihr etwas kauft.

53UF¬†–¬†Spart¬†ihr $5 an¬†einer Memebox (oder Superbox, Luckybox, usw.)
Mehr Codes könnt ihr auf meiner Memebox Deals page finden.

Meine Decke wird¬†fast fertig gestrickt. 3 Kn√§uel sind √ľbrig! Ich werde nicht alle 25 Kn√§uel benutzen. Der Rest kann ich f√ľr eine M√ľtze, Handstulpen und vielleicht einen Schal bewahren. Ich kann kaum warten, bis die Decke¬†fertig ist, weil mir im Bett immer kalt ist. Draussen¬†ist es noch wie Sommer, aber es ist in unserem¬†Schlafzimmer sehr kalt. Nach der Decke will ich f√ľr mich eine Strickjacke stricken. Das wird aufregend¬†und bestimmt herausfordernd. Die Strickanleitung habe ich schon.

Meine beiden Charlie Bears habe ich letzte Woche erhalten. Die sind sooo niedlich! Gestern bestellte ich Bray, ein 52cm grosser B√§r… ooh. Normalerweise mag ich zwar¬†die kleineren B√§ren, da sie besser zum Kuscheln sind, aber Bray ist ein lila B√§r, den ich haben muss!

Ok das ist alles, was ich euch erzählen kann. Jetzt muss ich alles auf English schreiben, hoi.

It’s been ages since I’ve written in German (as above). It requires a lot of effort and I am very lazy. I know that I should practise more, also at home. There are many familiar words and prepositions which I still have to look up in the dictionary. Useless. Thankfully though, I still remember all the grammar I learned.

I don’t think I will continue to review my Memeboxes, since it’s just too much work. I’ve also stopped ordering new boxes. I have just too many products to use! I’ll continue with short reviews and ordering boxes when I’m in the US next year.

Oh, I’ve also received a new Memebox code for September! You can use the code once in September when purchasing through my affiliate link. That means you have to click on one of the links on this page before ordering.

53UF Р$5 off any Memebox order
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My Afghan throw is almost done! Only 3 balls left to go, which would be 15 in total. I won’t use all 25. I’ll save the remainder for a cap/beanie, hand warmers and maybe a scarf. I can’t wait for it to be done, since I’m always feeling cold in bed at night. It’s pretty much summer during the day, but it’s really cold in our¬†bedroom. After finishing the throw, I would love to make myself a cardigan. That is really exciting and will again be challenging.

Well that is all for now.

Bild der Woche // Photo of the week

Afghan throw
My Afghan throw, mid-way. I used a simple reversible triangle stitch pattern.

Memebox Jackpot Box 2nd Place

After my ranting about the customs declaration and delays, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had won the 2nd place Memebox Jackpot Box, which was pretty lucky, as only 14 other people won this box (15 including me!). At least all that trouble wasn’t in vain!

I won’t go into the details of this box — there are just too many products in there, 24 of them actually. Since I haven’t been a long time Memebox customer, I did not get any duplicate products. I noticed that most of these products were featured in¬†other recent¬†Memeboxes and Superboxes. Thankfully none of them were purchased by me.

Memebox Jackpot Box 2nd Place

This box included 3 eye liners, which unfortunately, I very rarely¬†use. Two came in black and one in hot pink. Two of them were randomly selected. I wish I had received other colours besides another black and pink. ¬†There’s also mascara, which I also rarely use because most of them stain or flake off. There were 2¬†lip products randomly selected as well, and although one of them was a brighter coral than I am used to, I am happy that¬†I didn’t get any orange, bright¬†red or bubblegum pink, since those are my least favourite colours.

Included¬†were 2 eye shadow products, one in pencil form and the other in a tube form. I will have a fun time trying¬†them! The 3¬†BB/CC creams that I received should work well with my skin tone. I don’t think I’ve ever received one from Memebox that hasn’t matched.

Memebox Jackpot Box 2nd Place

Plenty of skin treatments were in there too, with a handful from IOPE, which is a very expensive brand. A few other random items were included too, like some flavoured water sachets, mascara, eyelashes, toner wipes, peeling pad, collagen and a tube of hair treatment.

jackpotbox_2So yeah, very happy with winning this box out of all the others! I was so worried that I would just get the last place box. I didn’t receive any nail polish or some other lip products, but that’s ok. I am¬†happy with what I received. I will hold off on buying more boxes now, since I have way too much stuff to use. I also think that I need to stop receiving boxes by mid-November. Packing up will commence afterwards.


Letzte Woche hatte ich gar keine Lust einen “Minipost Mittwoch” zu posten. Manchmal ist nichts passiert, deshalb habe ich nichts zu schreiben, dann passiert pl√∂tzlich alles.

Ich habe heute neue Memebox-Codes f√ľr September bekommen:
TSDR Р$7 off on shipping when you buy 2 or more Memeboxes
1PV1 – 15% off on orders above $150
94U8 – 10% off on orders above $100
Hoffentlich werden sie sich sehr n√ľtzlich, wenn ihr Memeboxen kaufen¬†m√∂chtet!

Leider kann Spätzli nicht mit uns in die USA ziehen, da sein eigener Flug zu teuer ist. Er darf auch nicht im selben Flugzeug mit uns fliegen. Ich weiss es nicht, was ich tun soll. Ich muss warscheinlich meinen Spätzli verlassen. Das macht mich echt traurig.

Immerhin mache ich noch weiter mit meiner Diät. Ich habe einen Hula-Hoop, der Spass macht. Fittness-Training mache ich auch fast jeden Tag zu Hause. Hoffentlich lohnt es sich nach einigen Monaten.

Ich habe meine dunklen lila Wolle bekommen, und habe schon mit dem Stricken meiner Decke angefangen. Ich habe 25 Knäuel gekauft, und ich benutze ungefähr alle 17 Reihen einen Knäuel. Hoffentlich werden sie genug, um die ganze Decke zu stricken. Ich habe bisher 7 Knäuel benutzt.
Ich habe nun auch viele andere Strick-Ideen. Ich m√∂chte eine Tasche und ein Kissen aus Filzwolle machen. Das w√§re wirklich herausfordernd, weil ich noch nicht etwas N√ľtzliches aus Filz gemacht habe. Die Wolle wird teuer, aber… w√ľrde das meine Entscheidung √§ndern? Sicher nicht!

Meiner Meinung nach sind einige Charlie Bears aus England sehr niedlich. Ich habe schon Demi bestellt, und jetzt will ich Jenkins kaufen. Meine Mutter hat auch einen von mir bekommen, und sie findet ihn sch√∂n und gut verarbeitet. Vorher m√∂chte ich gar keine B√§ren in meiner Pl√ľschsammlung.

Last week, I was in no mood to do a “Minipost Mittwoch”. Sometimes absolutely nothing happens, so I have nothing to write, and then suddenly everything happens.

Today, I received new Memebox codes for September:
TSDR Р$7 off on shipping when you buy 2 or more Memeboxes
1PV1 Р15% off on orders above $150
94U8 Р10% off on orders above $100
Hopefully they will be really useful when you want to buy yourself some Memeboxes! More offers on my Memebox Deals page.

Unfortunately, Sp√§tzli won’t be moving¬†with us to the US, because his own flight is too expensive and he is not allowed to fly with us on the same plane. I don’t know what to do. I’ll probably be leaving him behind, and that makes me really sad.

Anyway, I’m still continuing with my diet. I have a hoola hoop now, which is really fun to use. I also do some exercise at home almost every day. Not too much, but at least I try to¬†do it regularly. Hopefully it will all be worth it after a few months.

I have received my purple yarn and have already started knitting my Afghan throw. I bought 25 balls of this yarn, and I use roughly one ball every 17 rows. Hopefully it¬†will be enough to knit the entire throw. I’ve used up 7 balls already.¬†
I now have so many other ideas¬†for other projects. I want to make a bag and a cushion out of felt wool. That will be challenging, since I have not yet made anything useful out of felt wool. The wool will be expensive, but… would that stop me? Certainly not!

A few Charlie Bears from England are really very cute in my opinion. I’ve already ordered one,¬†Demi, and now I want¬†to order Jenkins. My mother has also received a Charlie Bear¬†from me, and she thinks it¬†is really sweet and nicely made. I never really wanted to have any bears in my plush collection until now.

Bilder der Woche / Photos of the week

Z√ľrich 2014-08-20 14.42.49
Z√ľrich – ist es schon Herbst? // Meine sebstgestrickten Teddy-Pullover


In letzter Zeit ist es mir leider ein bisschen langweilig, da ich nicht so viel zu tun habe. Ich habe entschieden, auf den nächsten Deutschkurs zu verzichten. Der kostet viel zu viel.
Ich habe nur meinen Schal vom letzten Jahr weiter gestrickt. Ich sch√§tze, ich brauche ein paar Wochen, bevor ich den Schal fertig stricken w√ľrde. Ich m√∂chte nun eine afghanische Decke stricken, lila nat√ľrlich, und habe schon am Sonntag die Wolle bestellt. Leider werden¬†die Wolle noch nicht geschickt. Ugh, ich habe wenig Geduld.
Zwei Teddyb√§ren von Langham Melbourne wurde am Montag zugestellt. Sie heissen Kingston und Coco. Ich darf nur Kingston bekommen, weil er vom Jahr 2013 war, und der Andere bekomme ich erst im September. Ich freue mich darauf. ūüėÄ

Unfortunately, I’ve been a little bit bored, because there’s nothing for me to do. I’ve decided to forgo the next German course — it costs too much.
I’ve just continued knitting my scarf from last year. I think I need a couple¬†more weeks to finish it. I would now like to knit¬†an Afghan throw, in purple of course, and I’ve already ordered the yarn for it on Sunday. Sadly, it still hasn’t been shipped. Ugh, I have very little¬†patience.
Two teddy bears from Langham Melbourne were delivered on Monday. They’re called Kingston and Coco. I was only allowed to have Kingston, because he is from 2013, and I will only get the other one in September. I’m really looking forward to it. ūüėÄ

Was habe ich vom 7.8.2014 bis heute gemacht?

Gekauft:¬†Ohrst√∂psel, Strickgarne, einige Minkplush Pl√ľschb√§ren
Gelesen: Onlinezeitungen
Gehört: Ugress, Eminem
Gesehen: Planet der Affen: Revolution, Lucy
Gestrickt: noch einen Teddybär Pullover, meinen lila Schal
Getan: Polymer Clay ausgeräumt, mein Hobbyzimmer aufgeräumt, abgenommen
Gew√ľnscht:¬†die neuen Beast Town Pl√ľschtiere, die im Oktober erh√§ltlich werden
Gefreut: √ľber¬†den Langham-B√§r Kingston, und auf Coco
Ge√§rgert:¬†√ľber nichts Besonderes

What did I get up to from 7.8.2014 until today?

Bought: earplugs, knitting yarn, a few Minkplush teddy bears
Read: online newspapers
Listened: to Ugress, Eminem
Watched: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Lucy
Knitted: another teddy bear sweater, my purple scarf
Done: cleaned out old polymer clay, cleared up my hobby room, lost weight
Wished: for the new Beast Town plush toys, which will be available in October
Pleased: with Kingston the Langham Bear, looking forward to Coco
Annoyed: at nothing in particular

Bilder der Woche / Photos of the week

Langham Bears Schaffer chickens... Catrice Ombre top coat
Langham-Bären Isabella und Kingston // Schaffer Brunhilde und Bruno // Catrice Ombre Top Coat

Discarding old liquid polymer clay Sweater for my Minkplush bears Memebox Herbal Cosmetics
Polymer Clay // Teddybär Pullover, klein // Memebox Herbal Cosmetics

Our last visit was four years ago, but not much has changed this time. It is still somewhat disappointing. Many animals could not be seen, or¬†their pens were too small and sad looking. There was even a tortoise “habitat”¬†which looked¬†neglected and weed-infested. I don’t know if they even feed it anything.¬†Nothing really beats Melbourne Zoo, in my opinion.

Of course, we seem to always¬†go during summer, and that is when I feel the most uncomfortable and lethargic in the sun. We didn’t explore the new elephant enclosure because the walk there was unbearable.¬†Domestic animals caught our attention the most and were fun to watch.

Only the gift shop seemed to have improved after all these years. It was a lot of fun to explore and pick out a plush toy from one of their many zoo-exclusives. I chose a llama, which is fitting because we watched the llamas for some time.

Zoo Z√ľrich 31-7-2014

Zoo Z√ľrich 31-7-2014I was impressed by their air plants. Mine seem to be stunted right now.

Zoo Z√ľrich 31-7-2014

Zoo Z√ľrich 31-7-2014


Zoo Z√ľrich 31-7-2014


Zoo Z√ľrich 31-7-2014

Zoo Z√ľrich 31-7-2014

Zebra backsides. I didn’t know they had such long fur. So fuzzy!

Zoo Z√ľrich 31-7-2014

Zoo Z√ľrich 31-7-2014

Zoo Z√ľrich 31-7-2014


Zoo Z√ľrich 31-7-2014

Zoo Z√ľrich 31-7-2014

Lazy pigs. I didn’t see any plush toys of these pigs, such a shame. I would have bought one.

To view all photos,¬†head to my¬†Z√ľrich Zoo Flickr¬†album.

Bantha plushie from Star Wars

I never thought this photo would make it, since… boring?! (at least to me)

I just checked my Flickr widget and noticed a lonely number 1 for Explore photos, but then realised, since when do I have an Explore photo? This photo was lazily taken¬†in the¬†living room — you can see the dining table legs and a¬†Po√§ng knock-off in the background. For those of you wondering what the animal¬†is, it’s a Star Wars Bantha, plush toy form.

Not that I’m unhappy that my photo now has 2500 views, I’m just surprised!