I missed my “Minipost Mittwoch” Wednesday posts, which is somewhat a relief because writing in German takes all morning to do.¬†ūüėõ

So what’s been happening? I am in a knitting frenzy. I finished my throw/blanket, which is already being put to use, and now I’ve¬†started knitting my cardigan. I used smaller needles than the pattern called for, plus a different yarn, so I am afraid that it might end up smaller than the pattern’s XS size. I have been laying it flat against my store-bought cardigan and it seems to stretch a little to match. It might work after all. I’m halfway through knitting the back panel.

I also bought some plush fabric from Buttinette to make a couple of plush bears, but the plush fur isn’t very soft or plushy. The fabric is stiff and feels like it’s meant for upholstery rather than toys. Bah. I’ll continue anyway, since I put all the effort into preparing the cardboard templates already. Joints are also apparently extremely difficult to buy online, locally. I have one set of plastic joints but I want to¬†use cotter-pins to make wobbly joints. I really like my flexible Charlie Bears and want to replicate the wobbly¬†feeling.

I have not been going out much lately. I am bored of Zurich! But I don’t want to travel, so I just stay at home in my bubble. I am cooking more though; simple soups and stir-fried dishes. It only took me 10 years to start real cooking on my own (of course I already knew how to make¬†simpler things). I was getting tired of Michael’s schnitzels and sp√§tzli.

Went to the dentist on Monday, but the dental hygienist removed part of my dental seal but¬†claimed that she didn’t and couldn’t even if she wanted to. I had to go back on Tuesday because I was sure it had been damaged. My¬†dentist also agreed that it was damaged and¬†had to polish the little remainder of the seal¬†to make it smooth again. I may have to replace it sooner than I originally would have had. I am so angry because I wanted to have my teeth checked and cleaned but I ended up with more misfortune than before.

I also had my hair cut on Tuesday, and had to pay CHF 20 for shampooing and blow-drying too, because Michael could not tell them to stop; he was too slow and wasn’t paying attention. I explained what style I wanted in German just fine, but when it comes to stressful situations like telling them I don’t want to pay for washing or drying, I can’t think of the words. So that was CHF 80 in total to get my hair done. It isn’t even a very good cut. After I washed it the next day, my wavy hair set back and stuck out all over the place. I might have to get another cut in less than two months. The only bright side was, I spoke quite a lot of German that day, including a little bit on the phone with the dentist’s receptionist.

Spätzli was so sweet and slept for an hour on my lap:

2014-09-30 22.39.18

But the next day, he just gobbled up veggies, packed some for the road and wanted to go home immediately. He’s like that.