I love how everything I have gotten so far, aren’t things I would have thought to buy for myself. I never even thought to buy these things for the swap partner I sent to (Chloe). That’s why swaps are so wonderful and surprising. I really feel humbled at all the goodies Samantha’s been spoiling me with. Almost every package so far contained more than one item.

Today’s piece:

Day 4: Twelve Days Xmas Swop

OMG Nail polish!

OMG nail polish, this is amazing! Just recently, while I was packing up my life, I had to throw away all my old nail polish bottles that were 9 years old that I rarely touched. They were all half dried and gross-looking, so they had to go. I didn’t replace them with any more, but now I have these two gorgeous colours to start off my new collection. And after browsing through Ally McBally’s blog, I must say I’m starting to feel the obsession with nail lacquer. 😀

Pretty purples Shades of purple

And here they are on my toes. I find that I rather like painting my toenails. Please excuse my ugly feet and poor paint job! I used the NYC In a Minute, 247 Prince Street.

Painted toenails

12 Days of Christmas Swop, hosted by Juanita and Chloe.

7 thoughts on “Day 4: Twelve Days Xmas Swop

  1. What a great addition! You will find lots of great stuff once you move to add to your nail polish collection! My husband even hunts for stuff for me when he visits family. 😀

  2. Georgiana: They certainly are!

    Alli: I’m afraid I already started buying some nail polish even before moving. XD
    I just ordered some China Glaze, and yesterday I went out to the cosmetics store and picked up a couple of bottles. Oh I feel a new dangerous obsession starting.

  3. YEAHHH I’m so glad the polish was a hit… I’m so tickled over watching you open your gifts… that is the best part of this for me. I am so much more a giver than a receiver. I get more enjoyment out of the giving part !!! I really did try to find things I thought you might not be able to find so easily over in your area, but then I thought, what the heck am I thinking… I’ve never been over there… I have no idea what they do or do not have… so then I just tried to be creative 🙂

  4. Juanita: I’m so sorry for not replying. I failed to check my spam again. But now I’ve really fixed the problem. Part of your IP address was in my blacklist. My fault… I made the blacklist too general and it included your IP address by mistake.
    I hope you get some self-pampering gifts soon! 🙂

    Samantha: I’m happy that you’re enjoying the process! I really enjoy opening them and being surprised at how you managed to get me such thoughtful things for me. Puts me to shame, thinking of the things I sent to Chloe.

    Chloe: I hope you aren’t too disappointed with my gifts to you so far.. Hey I see your nails are always nicely painted, you don’t give yourself enough credit!

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