After years and years of neglecting the Citrus Acid homepage, I have finally changed its design. The reason I neglected it was because it had a few bad memories attached to it, but finally I stopped being lazy and created a simple and easy to update homepage. I mainly use the domain for emails and to host all my hobby/blog sites, which have also been partly abandoned lately (from being busy I promise!).

Back to the design side of things, the old layout was from 2004 or 2005, I can’t recall exactly when. I also failed to make a screenshot of it before I deleted it in haste to get my new design up. I still have the files somewhere in Melbourne, so they’re not lost forever, but I digress. The old design reflected my more expansively creative days using fractals to overlay on vectory-flowy-lines. I also used purple and pinks, clearly my personal colour choices if I don’t have a theme to adhere to. I used some Javascript in Dreamweaver to get the rollovers to work… It was time-consuming to update, hence, I never did.

Flash forward five years, and I think I would always go for a more simple design, one that’s easy to update. I even whipped up a citrus slice in 2 minutes as a logo of sorts. I figured it would go nicely with the citrus-acid domain. Oh, funny story, I was once told, on the phone, that my email address (@citrus-acid.com) sounded like a cleaning product. Yes, I was young when I bought the domain, but nevertheless I would not give it up because I did create some catchy ways to use it, plus it hosts all my emails and other useless but priceless files.