If I end up without a job in the near future, I will be opening up shop on Etsy. Inspiration struck and I think I will be able to sell packaged graphic designs, and other hand made crafts that take my whim. I’ve been itching to do craft work with my hands, and now there is a reason to make more than just one or two pieces! Same with graphics. I’ve never really been able to design or draw without a purpose, but having this shop will be the motivation I need. I still need to mull it over and build up an inventory of designs, so that is what I will be doing for the next month or so. Even if I do get a job, I can still do this on the side, although that’s wishful thinking. I would probably be too busy. Anyway, I’m also wondering if I should go with my name for the shop, or Citrus Acid Designs. I currently buy under ‘janetsaw’, but I made that account before thinking I would have a shop. Other designers frequently use their own name too, perhaps that will be the best choice for now. If I eventually decide to sell lots of crafts too, I can have a second shop, using Citrus Acid Designs and having both names!

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