I hope all of you participating in the swop are enjoying your gifts 🙂
Here is what I chose for Day 7. They were stuck together, and I took that as a sign they were meant to be opened at the same time.

Day 7: Twelve Days Xmas Swop

Photos? What could these be for?

I opened up the envelope and found photos inside. They’re very arty, I thought. I could put them on my pinboard for display. I had not yet made THE connection with them.. Keep reading. 😀

I then opened the Spongebob present. I really love this paper, I’m nuts!

I like spongebob wrapping paper

It's a cloth bag! Purple!!

Once I saw the material, I instantly knew what it was, a reusable bag! Oh it’s so purple and pretty. I really love collecting bags like these. I should really use more of them, but they’re too pretty to soil. I do use some of mine to store toys. That way, I get to use them and keep them clean. I am sure this one is destined to hold my stuffed toys in Zurich. Thank you Samantha! 🙂

Opened bag, hearts!

Bag and photos

Here’s the funny thing. While looking at the photos again, I actually spotted one that looked familiar… Then I found more and more that looked familiar. Could these be clues to all my gifts?! And I had not opened this until Day 7! I’m kicking myself.

Hey these look familiar

You can see the heart bag has been photographed up close! I also found one of the Texas magnet, NYC polish, calendars, and manicure set. I think I’m missing the bubble bath, it could be the white flower or the gradient purple photo. Also the bracelet, that could be the blue one, second from the pile below. I’m not sure yet. Omigosh… Samantha, you’ve outdone yourself. I am in awe at the lengths you went to, to put all of this together.

I can now tell that I’ll be getting something knitted perhaps? And there’s something with a strawberry coming up… such fun!! 😀

2 thoughts on “Day 7: Twelve Days Xmas Swop

  1. SILLY WOMAN !!! Remember I had mentioned that I wanted to do something a little different and thought about taking snippet pics of the items, like a “hint” pic or a “tease” pic for you to look at BEFORE opening your gifts to see if you could guess or build the anticipation of which gift to open.. that’s what the pics are. They are close-ups of all your gifts. LOL – I was wondering when you were gonna open the pics. Sorry, guess I should have mentioned to open them sooner 🙂 haha

  2. LOL I am so sorry for not opening it first, I completely forgot about that. It was a busy time, slipped my mind! I also saw it stuck to one present and thought they were meant to be together. 😛
    I think I’ve matched up most of them with my gifts now… I’m pretty sure what the last two gifts will be!

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