I’ve been wanting to make bracelets for a while now, but buying chains are always a daunting and expensive task. I started making my own jump rings, using only 19-20 gauge wire and different sized knitting needles. It really hurts my thumb and index finger when I do the coiling. Still, this allows me to make chainmaille! I’ve been playing around with a couple of simple designs using different wire colours:

I think these would be the best if I want to hang charms from them. I even made my own hook clasps! After making three, my fingers ached like crazy, but only from the jump ring making. I need a proper tool to coil them if I want to save my fingers…

I particularly like my solid copper bracelet, using antiqued and bare copper wires in 19 and 20 gauge. I got the antiqued copper wire from Malaysia, but I can imagine antiquing some myself using a sulphur solution. Sounds fun.

I attached the baby pink tart to it, since it already had a copper loop. I think I like it with just one charm!

What do you think? Should I list the bracelets empty and let people choose a charm to go with it, or list it already with one charm? New moulds arrived in the mail today, and I can’t wait to make new foods next week (after my Germany trip this weekend). I guess I will decide then, unless you guys can give me some input.

2 thoughts on “Charm Bracelet Experiments

  1. I think that you should do both. The more types of offerings you have the better. List the bracelets and charms separately, then list the charms with the bracelets to add value. Also give the customer the option of substituting a copper bracelet for a silver one. Selling on the Internet means giving the customer more options because you have no shelf space to worry about. Great job on the bracelets. Once you move further up the supply chain by making your own supplies and tools, make those things available for sale, too. Marketing is all about solving a problem, and if you have a problem where you created a solution, chances are there are others out there with the same problem.


  2. Good advice, thank you! I’m still working on these bracelets and I will take your advice and list both kinds, as well as offer substitutions.

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