My miniature Choc Chip earring studs are featured in the The Incredible (In)Edibles Treasury on Etsy.

Thank you to gramkinpaperstudio for including my earrings!

2 thoughts on “The Incredible (In)Edibles Treasury on Etsy by Gramkinpaperstudio

  1. Awesome! This is a great opportunity for you to compare your craftsmanship to your competitors all in one location. Do your prices compare? How does the quality of your photos compare? I can tell you from experience that the quality of your products definitely holds up to those that have been working with polymer clay for years. The fact that you have been chosen to be featured on Etsy speaks volumes of your work. I’m interested to see how this increases your sales. Always keep this in mind, though. Who wants to buy your products (target market)? Are they the same people that are going to see that Feature article?

    In marketing, there is a concept called the “Sales Funnel” describing how to get potential customers to convert to a sale. It starts at the top of the funnel with Awareness (of a product), then so many of those people are going to find Interest (in YOUR product), upon further investigation on your website you’ve managed to create Desire (for a specific product), and finally you are able to covert a customer into Action (buying the product). Acronym A-I-D-A. It’s a number’s game. How many people actually viewed the Feature page? Out of how many of those moved to the Interest phase and clicked on your Chocolate Chip Earings for further study? Out of those people, how many liked Chocolate Chip Earings AND were ready to purchase? Your free offerings and coupon promotion took those people from the Interest stage directly through to the Action stage. The key in that situation was you were able to present the promotion at the right stage in the funnel; at the point of Desire and Action. Other locations might not be the right customer “touch” point.

    Do you have a way to find out how many people passed through each stage of your sales funnel? Etsy allows you to use Google Analytics to track when somebody clicks onto your page and on what page they “bounced” (left without a purchase). I recommend that you read up on how to get this information into your Etsy store if you haven’t already. I just did it on mine before I closed my store. Now you can see what pages people are actually looking at to determine which products get the most hits. Why didn’t they purchase?

    I hope this helps, and I hope this entire thing posts in the comment section. It’s a bit long.


  2. Very informative, Andrew. I definitely need to figure out why no one is buying just yet. I do have Google Analytics for my stores. Got to figure out what all the numbers mean! Thanks for the info on the sales funnel, it’s something for me to think about.

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