I’ve just about packed up half of my belongings in Zürich. I’ve sent out one tiny, but 14.05kg, box with books and clay, and another 14.7kg box is going out the door today. This HUGE box contains clothes, stuffed toys and craft things. We actually got the box from the hardware store, free!

We also bought a scale just to weigh my boxes. Anything from 15-20kg gets charged at CHF185… while just under 15kg is CHF154. This is economy mail, of course… My first box is still hanging around in Switzerland because of it being economy parcel, although I sent it last week.

In order to get the ball rolling, I’m giving 20% off purchases made between now and 28th October 2010. Orders need to be at least $5 in total (excluding shipping). Simply enter the coupon code take_20off when going through checkout.

Only 3 weeks more until I pack up shop and close, until about early to mid December. I have to pack most of my things and post them back to Melbourne. Then, I have to hunt down and re-purchase some essential equipment. Not really looking forward to it, but there are also things I can finally try out in Melbourne that I couldn’t do here.