Honestly, way too many treasury and collections. Nevertheless, I’m thrilled that so many want to feature my art. I should have a separate page just to contain these. Anyway, ArtFire is testing a new feature called Collections, much like Etsy’s Treasury. I haven’t figured out how to make one, so I assume I will have to wait until it’s a released feature.

Blue/Raspberry and Tiny Treats featuring my Red Velvet Cake Necklace.

Fruity Summer featuring my Baby Pink Cake Pendant.

Purple Pleasures and Lets Eat featuring my Purple Donut Pendant.

Thank you, everyone!

2 thoughts on “New Treasury and Collection Features

  1. The Mavens are still testing Collections and looking for bugs to squash but it will not be too much longer before it is released to the public.

    It does not surprise me in the least that your work is getting featured often. It is some of the best miniature desserts that I have ever seen. The textures are perfect and it looks like you just took a machine and shrank the real thing.
    Amazing and wonderful!

  2. Thank you for being so kind, Star! 😀
    I was wondering why I couldn’t make a collection… now it makes sense. I love your Purple Pleasures collection. As you can tell, I love purple!!

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