I’m not changing locations or anything of that sort, but more like, changing what I post about. I have previously confined this blog to “work” and “craft” stories only, but I find that I’m not creating so many new items and designs these days. I go through some periods of not making anything for weeks. I would love to include general every day posts into this blog. I tried to post these everyday things on Flickr, but it just didn’t seem right either. I think, if I’m not comfortable posting them on Flickr, it means they belong here. How’s that? 😀
Oh, how I love talking to myself… I think that’s one thing a blog just seems perfect for.

2 thoughts on “My blog is changing

  1. To be very honest, I face this every day.

    I have no idea my purpose of keeping the blog anymore. What goes up depends on the mood of the morning. So, it is really so varied and has no consistency. I can’t call mine a “craft blog”, neither can I call it a “lifestyle blog”. It is just a personal blog… Don’t know how to help you with that 🙁

    But I also like to stay in touch with you anywhere! 😀

  2. Juanita: I know what you mean! We just like to talk about things that excite us, and it’s not just crafts and work.. And having two separate blogs gets too difficult to manage. I don’t even like having two Etsy shops, but I still have to, or else it will look like I’m having a garage sale. Blogs are different. I am not taking this blog so seriously any more, so I’ll just post whatever I feel like, “personal blog” is definitely the right term! 😀

    Yah I agree, I also visit your blog and flickr to stay in touch with you, and I’m so excited you’re now going to the US, and I can see what goes on there through your eyes!

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