This is Day 8 and the swop is soon coming to a close.. That will be sad, because I really enjoy the process of taking photos and squealing at all the cool gifts I open.

Day 8: Twelve Days Xmas Swop


It’s PEZ!! I remember having one. I only had one as a child, because they were not available in Malaysia at that time. I got mine from New Zealand on a family holiday, but I can’t remember what character I bought. Just a few years ago, Michael bought me a Spongebob PEZ in Zurich. I hope he still kept it somewhere because I’d like to display this Strawberry Shortcake one along with Spongebob!

Strawberry Shortcake PEZ Strawberry Shortcake PEZ

I’m not familiar with Strawberry Shortcake, the character, even though the cartoons were supposedly running around the time I was a child. Not everything was easily available in Malaysia, so yeah, I didn’t know anything about her, sadly!

Strawberry Shortcake PEZ

Mmm I do like PEZ sweets, they’re so fun to dispense. I’ve cut down my sugar intake and sweets, but once in a while I like to indulge. 😀

Found the matching photo!

I found the corresponding photo! Oh if only I opened that envelope earlier, I could have taken a photo of each item and their clues. Hindsight… 😛

12 Days of Christmas Swop, hosted by Juanita and Chloe. I’m Chloe’s Santa! Check out her Wasted Fashion Facebook Page to see the gifts I gave her.

6 thoughts on “Day 8: Twelve Days Xmas Swop

  1. So soon, right? And we made it past 1 week! 🙂

    I am beginning to notice the cute girly and purple them you have been opening. So well chosen 🙂

    • Yah so quickly! Samantha got really cool girly things that I don’t always buy for myself, which is what I love so much about this swap. Everything has surprised me 😀

  2. AWWW I am so tickled over picking such good things for you and knowing that you don’t indulge more for yourself makes me even happier to be able to do that for you!!! YEAH, that’s what a new girlfriend from Texas is good for !!! I haven’t had a pez dispenser since i was a kid and thought it was a fun idea.

  3. Samantha: I do certainly indulge all the time, but usually not with beauty products, pretty stationery and trinkets. 😀 So I am very happy to receive these from you. I recently started acquiring nail polish, it’s all because I was inspired by the polishes you gave me. Indeed, I would love to do a swap for you next time!!

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