Look at what I received from a friend, yesterday!

It’s a huge 3cm lampwork foil glass pendant! As soon as I saw it on Juanita’s shop, I loved it. And to my surprise, she so generously gave it to me! 🙂

I love love love it. It is purple, juicy and kitschy. I left the pendant as it was, and added a really long 21 inch stainless steel chain. Definitely a keeper for life, and will always bring back fond memories.

This also makes me want to make glass beads. I just can’t stick to one craft, can I? 😛

2 thoughts on “What a Treasure!

  1. A nice blog-friend from Venice gave me some of these Murano glass beads. Took me a while before I used them for my shop.
    Glad you like this bead!!! Better to give it to someone who will like it, rather than have it destroyed by the post.

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