Everyone likes things that are customised to fit them perfectly, as goes with Etsy shop graphics. But not everyone wants to shell out over $100 for two images, especially if they like to change designs often, or are opening a second store on Etsy. I’m sure there is also a need for more than just pre-made graphics or commissioned shop banners, and I may have come up with something. If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to pay for design from scratch, then choosing ‘Your Own Background’ packages should be the perfect service for you.

I’ve completed one so far, with a leafy overlay design that transforms your image and shop name into a new work of art. The overlay design adds a lot of character to the image and banner, and it’s not just placed on top of your image. The special transparency alters the colours of the background that it overlaps and makes it unique and integrates it perfectly.



These two images show how the overlay is used when combined with a background image. The grey background is simply to demonstrate how the white overlay looks, but the end result will not be grey.

I will work with you on a personal level, providing you with proofs and multiple revisions until you are satisfied with the result.
This design is currently for sale on my Etsy shop for a low $12 USD and includes a shop banner and an avatar. Visit my shop now. More will be designed and added soon!