Time is whizzing by… I fly on the 20th, from Melbourne, AU to Zurich, CH.

Large suitcase

I’m not properly packed yet, but I tossed a lot of things inside the suitcase already. I chose the lightest and largest suitcase I could find. Let’s hope it doesn’t break as soon as I arrive. I also bought a new toiletry bag that’s purple/silver and very light, too. I’m obsessed with weight. When one is migrating across continents by economy class, there’s a desperation to keep unnecessary weight to a minimum.

Some clothes to pack

These are some clothes I planned to pack. This isn’t everything yet, there’s still another pile of clothing to gather, and lots of underwear. I will probably go over my 20kg weight limit, but I think around 22kg is still acceptable without having to pay for it.

Almost time to go...

This hand luggage is all packed. I carefully weighed it so I stay under 7kg. I’ll hand carry a heavier coat and my handbag. Thank goodness women are allowed a separate handbag. I  ought to take advantage of this and carry the largest hobo bag or something HUGE, but I think my normal-sized 30 cm x 20 cm bag is fine and can still leave me enough leg room while it sits under the seat.

Now… I’m considering doing a bit of shopping at Singapore Airport, while in transit. What to buy though? Everything duty free is still rather pricey for a poor shopoholic like myself. Best to just sit quietly with some food and read my ebook.

2 thoughts on “It’s almost time to fly

  1. Overall, I see a lot of purple! 🙂

    Do you think you are a shopaholic? Maybe you like browsing more?
    I enjoy browsing, but mostly to criticise things 😀 😀 😀
    Not sure what the Singapore airport has to offer, but maybe you can look out the Clinique stuff, since it’s on your wishlist 🙂

  2. Hahah yes, I have a few pieces of purple clothing in my piles! I kept all the purple with me and shipped the rest.

    I do think I’m addicted to buying, and I’m even more guilty when it comes to browsing and adding things to wishlists. Not sure if I will ever tick off every item on my wishlist. A couple of weeks later, I change it all around. 😛

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