My week in pictures

Last city visit
Melbourne city in summer

Last shopping day at Chaddy
Bubble tea and shopping in Melbourne

My bags First snack of my stay
Flight to Zurich —  First Swiss chocolate

Cold snowy gloominess
Snowy arrival, view from ground floor apartment

Gifts from a good friend :D Three days, and I already have five new things
Gifts from Juanita Tortilla! — My most guilty pleasure (shopping)

Thanks for looking! 😀 Hope you had a good week too.

It’s almost time to fly

Time is whizzing by… I fly on the 20th, from Melbourne, AU to Zurich, CH.

Large suitcase

I’m not properly packed yet, but I tossed a lot of things inside the suitcase already. I chose the lightest and largest suitcase I could find. Let’s hope it doesn’t break as soon as I arrive. I also bought a new toiletry bag that’s purple/silver and very light, too. I’m obsessed with weight. When one is migrating across continents by economy class, there’s a desperation to keep unnecessary weight to a minimum.

Some clothes to pack

These are some clothes I planned to pack. This isn’t everything yet, there’s still another pile of clothing to gather, and lots of underwear. I will probably go over my 20kg weight limit, but I think around 22kg is still acceptable without having to pay for it.

Almost time to go...

This hand luggage is all packed. I carefully weighed it so I stay under 7kg. I’ll hand carry a heavier coat and my handbag. Thank goodness women are allowed a separate handbag. I  ought to take advantage of this and carry the largest hobo bag or something HUGE, but I think my normal-sized 30 cm x 20 cm bag is fine and can still leave me enough leg room while it sits under the seat.

Now… I’m considering doing a bit of shopping at Singapore Airport, while in transit. What to buy though? Everything duty free is still rather pricey for a poor shopoholic like myself. Best to just sit quietly with some food and read my ebook.

20% Discount Coupon on Shop |

In order to get the ball rolling, I’m giving 20% off purchases made between now and 28th October 2010. Orders need to be at least $5 in total (excluding shipping). Simply enter the coupon code take_20off when going through checkout.

Only 3 weeks more until I pack up shop and close, until about early to mid December. I have to pack most of my things and post them back to Melbourne. Then, I have to hunt down and re-purchase some essential equipment. Not really looking forward to it, but there are also things I can finally try out in Melbourne that I couldn’t do here.