12 Days of Xmas Swop



I’ll be participating once again!

I don’t blog, so do check out my Flickr page. I’ll be uploading photos of the swap gifts there, and most likely not here. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Nine of twelve items

Just wanted to update everyone on my progress for the 12 Days of Christmas Swop. I have already collected 9 of 12 items. They’re not wrapped yet, I have a lot of personal packing to do before the 12th of November. I shall do all my wrapping after that. :)

I’m super excited and hope the future recipient will like them. So far, I have things like stationery, costume jewellery and fashion accessories, and maybe one item could be classed as a trinket. I was straying towards every item being purple, but I forced myself to include items in other colours. ^^