My blog is changing

I’m not changing locations or anything of that sort, but more like, changing what I post about. I have previously confined this blog to “work” and “craft” stories only, but I find that I’m not creating so many new items and designs these days. I go through some periods of not making anything for weeks. I would love to include general every day posts into this blog. I tried to post these everyday things on Flickr, but it just didn’t seem right either. I think, if I’m not comfortable posting them on Flickr, it means they belong here. How’s that? 😀
Oh, how I love talking to myself… I think that’s one thing a blog just seems perfect for.

The New Look

It’s about time I changed things around here. Of course I’m still considered very lazy, because I am using a pre-created theme and not designing my own. The only thing I did was make a header image.

Just for records, I shall screenshot the new blog design.

I hope this new change will help me keep up with updates. I don’t think people really follow my blog, but hopefully, I won’t mind talking to myself.  😀

Official Store – Now Open! –

I’ve been working on this for a long time, and it’s pretty much done, less a few products that I have yet to add.

Please do check it out! Here are some nifty features:

  • Shop in your own currency
  • Create an account to save your cart and addresses
  • Purchase without an account, if you prefer
  • Purchase in bulk with wholesale/discounted prices
  • Customise and add on to the designs directly, using the provided options
  • Get exclusive specials and offers that are not available at my other stores
  • Newsletters for account subscribers (I won’t be sending these very often)

I will be adding all my products on this site, so look out for new and exciting items coming in the next few months. The collections feature (dropdown selections) helps you locate all items in that set or style.

Shipping works a little differently, so remember to check out the shipping information section and my terms and conditions before purchasing. The contact page works like a charm, so now it’s an easier way to get in touch with me, rather than exposing my email address.

New Homepage
After years and years of neglecting the Citrus Acid homepage, I have finally changed its design. The reason I neglected it was because it had a few bad memories attached to it, but finally I stopped being lazy and created a simple and easy to update homepage. I mainly use the domain for emails and to host all my hobby/blog sites, which have also been partly abandoned lately (from being busy I promise!).

Back to the design side of things, the old layout was from 2004 or 2005, I can’t recall exactly when. I also failed to make a screenshot of it before I deleted it in haste to get my new design up. I still have the files somewhere in Melbourne, so they’re not lost forever, but I digress. The old design reflected my more expansively creative days using fractals to overlay on vectory-flowy-lines. I also used purple and pinks, clearly my personal colour choices if I don’t have a theme to adhere to. I used some Javascript in Dreamweaver to get the rollovers to work… It was time-consuming to update, hence, I never did.

Flash forward five years, and I think I would always go for a more simple design, one that’s easy to update. I even whipped up a citrus slice in 2 minutes as a logo of sorts. I figured it would go nicely with the citrus-acid domain. Oh, funny story, I was once told, on the phone, that my email address ( sounded like a cleaning product. Yes, I was young when I bought the domain, but nevertheless I would not give it up because I did create some catchy ways to use it, plus it hosts all my emails and other useless but priceless files.