Day 2: Twelve Days Xmas Swop

I hope Chloe, all the way in Singapore, likes the presents that I sent to her. I feel guilty about the quantity of stuff I’ve received, but I know I have given so little to my own swap partner… I’m truly sorry about that. I took the term “twelve items” too literally.

It’s day two, so another of Samantha’s packages gets opened up today. I chose this small one:

Day 2 swop package

The silver wrapping paper with snowflakes is lovely too!

It’s a magnet! Scenes from Texas maybe? I don’t know if a photo can be placed in there, I have no idea how to open it if that’s the case. I’ll be leaving it as is. I’ve even put it on my travel magnet board!

My magnet board

Most magnets are from Australia, some from Europe, New Zealand, and other places. The new one from Texas fits right in!

12 Days of Christmas Swop, hosted by Juanita and Chloe.

Day 1: Twelve Days Xmas Swop

Let’s get rolling. Here is the amazing swop parcel from Samantha, opened up! So many different wrapping papers used, I love that. The Spongebob Christmas wrapping paper caught my eye instantly… 😀

And thus, I decided to open one of those first.

Spongebob wrapped package

Spongebob wrapped package

The wrapping paper is really cute, had to take photos of both sides. I do like Spongebob! Brace yourself… here is the unwrapped item:

Two bubble bath bottles

Bubble bath! It’s purple! They’re packaged in such cute Christmas-light-bulb-shaped bottles. The shape really reminds me of a Christmas prop in a PC game I used to play, Petz. But I digress…

I have to start taking bubble baths. Perfect timing, because it’s summer where I am! I’m actually amazed this could be posted by air since I wouldn’t be able to do the same from over here, liquids restrictions. Thanks Samantha! 😀

Two cute bottles of purple bubble bath

Close up of the sugar plum bubbly… <3

12 Days of Christmas Swop, hosted by Juanita and Chloe. Below is the list of everybody participating in this swap, and where packages were sent to. I copied the list… hope no one minds!

My swap parcel is here!

My swop partner is Samantha, and I’m incredibly excited to announce that the parcel she sent has arrived! I was a bit worried that it may only arrive some time next week. The Post did a great job at timing, I must say! 🙂

I will be opening one a day and scheduling my first post for 10 December at 10pm AEDT. I confess, I’ve already opened one and photographed it. This now gives me time to compose a post on the item. I sometimes don’t get around to photos, so opening them early gives me a few extra days to do it.


All wrapped!

I’m done shopping for all the things I wanted to give to Chloe, my swap partner. 😀 It took longer than I thought, but I really hope she’ll like them. Today, I wrapped them all. The wrapping is a bit unimaginative. I recently packed away all my things for my move to Zurich, and I was left with no ribbons. I used paper and stickers that I’m not taking, they were from Christmases of the past.

Xmas swop presents 2012

All 12 items, wrapped. I had a lot of gold wrapping paper, as you can see.

I also found a box that would fit them all, without having to buy one. I’m on a tight budget right now, have to work with what I can find… plus, I get to reuse rather than dump this box in the bin. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

I’ll definitely pad these up before I post. Oh, I’m getting so excited! I have yet to hear from the swop partner that I will receive items from. I might drop her a line and give her my address. 😀

Nine of twelve items

Just wanted to update everyone on my progress for the 12 Days of Christmas Swop. I have already collected 9 of 12 items. They’re not wrapped yet, I have a lot of personal packing to do before the 12th of November. I shall do all my wrapping after that. 🙂

I’m super excited and hope the future recipient will like them. So far, I have things like stationery, costume jewellery and fashion accessories, and maybe one item could be classed as a trinket. I was straying towards every item being purple, but I forced myself to include items in other colours. ^^

Christmas Swop!!

A good friend of mine, Juanita, is hosting a 12 Days of Christmas Swop. I shall be participating this time. I hope I can get things in order by the time it’s due!

I hope I also start blogging a bit more. This place has gone really quiet. I can’t seem to sustain this habit and I tend to hang around Flickr more.
I’ll be back soon with more posts!