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Use this coupon code when you buy an item from me on ArtFire, and you will receive 20% off all items, excluding the add-on/upgrade category. Coupon can only be used 5 times by 5 different customers! I love ArtFire coupons! It’s fun for me, and I’m sure it’s fun for customers too. Remember, you don’t need an ArtFire account to buy.

Trying Out a Shop Promotion Strategy

I believe giving away free or almost free items on my shop is one way to gain some credibility. Little to no risk to the receivers of these free items, they are able to test the waters without a huge hit. I am then able to prove myself of being a worthy shopkeeper. That’s the plan. So far, I’ve placed up 2 free items in the past two days, and they were both taken within a few hours of listing (thanks so much!).


I will be putting up a few more of these free items soon, and I’ll still keep it up from time to time, depending on how popular they are. I should put up some free polymer clay beads. I hope people will start to like more of my items, and business might pick up. It’s been a slow two weeks. But it’s only been two weeks and I must say that I haven’t been patient.

Product Concept: ‘Your Own Background Image’ Banners and Avatars

Everyone likes things that are customised to fit them perfectly, as goes with Etsy shop graphics. But not everyone wants to shell out over $100 for two images, especially if they like to change designs often, or are opening a second store on Etsy. I’m sure there is also a need for more than just pre-made graphics or commissioned shop banners, and I may have come up with something. If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to pay for design from scratch, then choosing ‘Your Own Background’ packages should be the perfect service for you.

I’ve completed one so far, with a leafy overlay design that transforms your image and shop name into a new work of art. The overlay design adds a lot of character to the image and banner, and it’s not just placed on top of your image. The special transparency alters the colours of the background that it overlaps and makes it unique and integrates it perfectly.



These two images show how the overlay is used when combined with a background image. The grey background is simply to demonstrate how the white overlay looks, but the end result will not be grey.

I will work with you on a personal level, providing you with proofs and multiple revisions until you are satisfied with the result.
This design is currently for sale on my Etsy shop for a low $12 USD and includes a shop banner and an avatar. Visit my shop now. More will be designed and added soon!

New Items!

I’ve finally got around to taking photos of bracelets I made for sale. I uploaded two of them today, with a couple more items still saved for later.
_A014033 _A014062
Capturing these photos was not an easy task. I had to do a little bit of editing to get the colours to look more like the real thing. Still, learning every day. The photos link to their Etsy pages, which will give you a description and more images.

Starting out this beading project hasn’t been easy either, financially. I really need a lot of bead and finding stashes to be able to make various styles. I order a lot from other Etsy sellers, and each package takes at least a week to arrive. I can never order enough to last me more than a week. Actually, it lasts me about a day before I realise I need some other type of finding. So I order more and wait patiently… (yeah right). The next day or two, I order more supplies from another seller. And the cycle continues. Have a look at my stocked work area in our new apartment in Zürich-Oerlikon:
Work Area Preview of Upcoming Work

I’m still itching to make my own beads, because that would at least eliminate the need for me to search high and low for affordable glass beads in the colour I want. Of course, I would then be searching for and buying glass rods, wouldn’t I? Right. So anyway, I purchased a book on Making Glass Beads by Cindy Jenkins. I was originally worried that I would need a kiln to even start out, but after finding a German online store that sells all the equipment and glass stock, I now know that I can use vermiculite (Kühlgranulat) to anneal small beads. This is good news for a beginner wanting to try out the craft without spending at least AU$500 for a bead kiln.

Grand Shop Opening!

My Etsy shop is now open… “Designs and Crafts by Janet Saw“… I only have two items (graphics), but I will definitely be adding more soon. It’s a lot of hard work to write descriptions. I try to put as much effort into it as possible, and so it takes forever. I currently have graphics up for sale, but I do plan to sell other things. The items need photographing, and then they’ll be up for sale too. Then, I’m looking forward to starting a new craft, one which includes a gas burner, safety glasses and mandrels! Stay tuned…

Custom Rubber Stamp

I’m slowly building up my “Etsy business” equipment, namely packaging supplies and labels. I’ve already designed a rubber stamp, which will make it easy for me to label my handmade items but without the expensive price tag of pre-printed cards. Being a designer, I really can’t settle for pre-made anything. My own rubber stamp may very well give a product an even more personal touch!