Want to purchase in person?

I’m so terrible with blogging! As usual, I only blog when there’s something big. Anyway, on to the show.
As the title suggests, do you ever wish you could see some of my polymer clay jewellery in person? Now you can! A selection of my work will soon be available for purchase at Ballyhoo Art in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

They also stock a whole range of paintings, decorations, jewellery and accessories made by other Australian artists. It’s exciting to be chosen. Perhaps they may even distribute my work to other shops in Australia if all goes well. This is a great start for me and I’m really happy about it. If you’re ever in Geelong, make sure to drop by Ballyhoo Art (90 Ryrie St, Geelong 3220).

I’ll provide more updates on when exactly my items will be released and the RRP for them. Stay tuned!

Etsy Finds

On 30th April / 1st May, my Purple Donut Studs listing was chosen to be in the Etsy Finds newsletter. The theme for this newsletter was “Conversation Piece”, so my funky donuts fit in, I suppose! I didn’t even know anything about it, so imagine my surprise in the morning when I had about 20 sales!

"Conversation Piece"

The craziness has slowed down today. I’ll be busy for at least the next week and a half. SO many orders… it will take me a little longer than usual to make them all. I hope customers understand!

I am still deeply honoured to be chosen. Thanks, Etsy team!

New Tarts

Well, sometimes I still do make new items. Here are two goodies which are on Etsy, but I’ll add them to my own store soon.

Long Overdue Post

A post is in order, after months of not blogging.

Summary of what’s happened:

  1. Moved house, now on west side of Melbourne.
  2. Opened supplies store on Etsy.
  3. Took a glass beads class and loved it! Want to make more at home.
  4. Decided to go back into academia.
  5. Closing down ArtFire Pro and only keeping a basic account.
  6. Reducing amount of polymer clay products to the ones that I like making.

I’m no longer terribly excited about pursuing this craft career, because it just isn’t working! I guess I am not dedicated enough, or it’s just meant to be a hobby. I had a few opportunities to sell at craft markets, but with no one to help me with stalls and not having my own trestle, it’s sadly not possible. A lot of markets are overpriced and provide no rental trestles. The worst part is also having to do this all by myself!

I’ll still be making clay jewellery and other odds and ends, but slowing down. I’m only making those I really like and think are worth the effort. ArtFire was not bringing in enough business, so I’ve terminated the Pro status as of March.

Postal services are evil. I am still limited by the 2cm rule, so my lovely white 4cm boxes have to be sent at parcel rates. Thus, low sales. It’s a tough struggle to balance quality and security against postage costs. I’ll be looking into purchasing matchboxes that can be sent as 2cm letters. Not sure if they will withstand the real possibility of being squashed in transport. I will do some testing. What Etsy and other online platforms need is a way to select different kinds of postage. Then, the responsibility lies with the consumer. They can decide if they prefer a secure package that also looks great, or cut costs and run the risk of damage. Ah well, maybe I just like to complain.

Back in Business

I’m still amazed that my packages arrived on time. I’ve opened up my shops just a few days ago. Didn’t post it here until now. In addition to my 3 online stores, I have a new one on Made It, the Australian handmade market. Listing prices are a little higher than others, so I’ll be slowly adding to it.

I’ve also managed to get a supply of lovely white gift boxes, so I will never have to spend 15 minutes making each one ever again! The old ones were also too soft. I have given up trying to get things to fit in the 2cm range, only to have the boxes or items still crushed in the mail. My new boxes are 4cm thick, so shipping is going to be a bit more expensive, but I feel much better knowing these thick boxes are going to be safe. They also fit a lot more inside, and they look good, too!

I probably need a broader ribbon for this.

New business cards:

Did anyone notice my cute cupcake background in the photos? 😀

As for my workspace / home studio, I currently have a small table and shelf to store my junk… I’m really unproductive in this tiny space! Can’t wait to move to the new house next month. I’ll have a dedicated office for work.

My new convection oven also isn’t very good, but it was the only model available. Microwaves are REALLY not popular in Europe, but they’re everywhere in Australia… The reverse is true of convection ovens. Anyway, when my “russell hobbs” oven starts out, it heats up way over the set temperature, and needs 10 minutes before it remains consistent. I can’t just chuck in some clay and let it do its thing. I’ve burned several pieces already. My Zürich oven was so good… I miss it. It was very reliable and never went over the set temperature, even when it started up. Win some, lose some, right? 🙁