My blog is changing

I’m not changing locations or anything of that sort, but more like, changing what I post about. I have previously confined this blog to “work” and “craft” stories only, but I find that I’m not creating so many new items and designs these days. I go through some periods of not making anything for weeks. I would love to include general every day posts into this blog. I tried to post these everyday things on Flickr, but it just didn’t seem right either. I think, if I’m not comfortable posting them on Flickr, it means they belong here. How’s that? 😀
Oh, how I love talking to myself… I think that’s one thing a blog just seems perfect for.

13 goals for 2013

Following my friend, Juanita’s example, I’ve decided to make my own list of goals. I don’t think I’ve ever set out any goals for the year that I’ve actually accomplished. I always just forget about them and my life changes halfway in between.. but I still like to make lists anyway, so here goes 😀

  1. Complete A1 German
  2. Head up to checkout counters to pay, not make Michael do it
  3. Set up jewellery work bench before April
  4. Make real jewellery for selling
  5. Make more Blythe pull rings and designs
  6. Refrain from having pets
  7. A meal a week
  8. Stop envying others
  9. Take more interesting photographs
  10. Have my own chilli, herb and salad garden (indoors)
  11. Take more care of my appearance so I won’t end up looking ugly in candid photos
  12. Go swimming once a month
  13. Do something new

I did not include the most obvious goal: Stop buying. That is because it’s unrealistic for me to stop shopping. I just love getting new things too much. New things, designer things, cool things — I just can’t stop and actually don’t want to. 😛

Most of these goals are very possible. I don’t like paying for things in Zurich, because I’m not confident enough to speak German, and I tend to freak out when I hear something I don’t understand. Making jewellery for selling. I can’t claim to be a jeweller unless I do this.

Pets. I want them, yet don’t want the additional worry when we have to travel or move. Cooking is something I don’t really enjoy, but I want to force myself to make a meal a week. They’re not going to be pretty meals, so I doubt I will blog them, ha. An indoor garden is something I am looking forward to.. would that be an appropriate goal then?

Hm, not sure about the swimming part. I dislike going to sports centres without a car. But who am I kidding, I don’t even do it now when I have a car. And last of all, do something new. I couldn’t think of anything else as a goal, so trying something new seemed like a good one.

Go ahead, make your own list  😀

Seven deadly sins

I saw this post on my friend, Juanita’s blog, and decided to play too! The idea originally came from here.

Envy Seven things you lack and covet
A voluptuous bosom
A classic beautiful face
Drawing and painting skills
Musical talent
Cooking skills
Be allergy-free

Sloth Seven things that you neglect to do
Keep in touch with people
Donating to charities
Be thankful
Clearing out old stuff
Backing up my important data
Go swimming
Learn German properly

Greed Seven worldly material desires
Owning a big home
A whole boatload of Kenner Blythes
Designer bags
Prestigious, powerful, but fuel-efficient car
A new-model DSLR
New mobile phone

Pride Seven great things in your life
Loving family
No debt
Lots of material possessions
I “work” when I feel like it
Never hungry
Cherished childhood toys/relics

GluttonySeven guilty pleasures
Online shopping
Doll photography
Daily caramel latte
Savoury snacks
TV shows/movies

Lust Seven things you love about love
Someone to confide in
Good company
Fun outings
I’m never fat or ugly
Someone to get rid of that insect

Wrath Seven things that make you angry 
Seeing forests/jungles cut away for needless development
Inhumane treatment of animals
Religious pontification
Cigarette smoke and people who smoke because it’s “cool”
Singing and dancing competitions on TV
Bad grammar (“There’s two ways”, “Your welcome”, “His sitting over there”)


When I see how many days are left, it doesn’t seem so long. I always like seeing visible countdowns to something exciting that’s going to happen!

Sixty-six days to go (this was when I made the countdown). The counter will also count upwards once the day arrives. I look forward to coming back here years from now, and then seeing how many days have passed since I was reunited with my other half. 🙂


Oh it’s been so many months since I’ve even talked about new items or sales. I can certainly say now, that I really do change interests quickly. But before I get carried away talking about that, I’ll write about what’s happened recently. I was away for 2 months in Switzerland, where I did some sightseeing and relaxing. No polymer clay whatsoever. Michael set up the oven as I had it last year, but I packed it away. We went on a long trip to Germany, and had a relaxed time in Zurich going to the movies and doing some shopping. I’ve been back in Melbourne for 2 weeks now, and I have not restarted my clay work. I took a friend around last week, so I had little time for it. But today I will need to get back on it… Oh how I dread it. 😛

My trip photos have been posted on my Flickr account, under the collection called “Life Saga”. Beware, I have taken up a doll-collector’s past time of taking photos with my dolls posing in pictures. If you feel it is weird, you can leave.

I think, sorry to say, that I am getting a bit frustrated with polymer clay. I’m still making for the consignment at Ballyhoo Art, but the “making” part does not excite me as it used to. It’s a bit sad to see this happen, but what can I do. I’m moving on. I also thought I wanted to do a full time diploma course in jewellery, but the full-time commitment isn’t in the cards right now. It would be quite stressful, restrict my ability to travel, and I don’t really want to be living in Melbourne for another 2 years, alone. Also, I will have to start my drive to class 2 hours before it begins, or else I could end up arriving late. Imagine doing that 4 times a week!! Public transport? Don’t count on it… It’ll take me the same time or even longer. Because of these circumstances, I’ve decided not to pursue the diploma (fees are also an issue, since I may not get a government supported place).

Just a minute ago, I signed up for the Intermediate Jewellery short course! Yes, it’s at the same far away place, but I can handle once-a-week classes. It was plenty of fun in the beginners course. These are all the updates for now… I really should start kneading that stiff, cold clay.