How did this photo get onto Flickr Explore?!

Bantha plushie from Star Wars

I never thought this photo would make it, since… boring?! (at least to me)

I just checked my Flickr widget and noticed a lonely number 1 for Explore photos, but then realised, since when do I have an Explore photo? This photo was lazily taken in the living room — you can see the dining table legs and a Poäng knock-off in the background. For those of you wondering what the animal is, it’s a Star Wars Bantha, plush toy form.

Not that I’m unhappy that my photo now has 2500 views, I’m just surprised!

Want to purchase in person?

I’m so terrible with blogging! As usual, I only blog when there’s something big. Anyway, on to the show.
As the title suggests, do you ever wish you could see some of my polymer clay jewellery in person? Now you can! A selection of my work will soon be available for purchase at Ballyhoo Art in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

They also stock a whole range of paintings, decorations, jewellery and accessories made by other Australian artists. It’s exciting to be chosen. Perhaps they may even distribute my work to other shops in Australia if all goes well. This is a great start for me and I’m really happy about it. If you’re ever in Geelong, make sure to drop by Ballyhoo Art (90 Ryrie St, Geelong 3220).

I’ll provide more updates on when exactly my items will be released and the RRP for them. Stay tuned!

Etsy Finds

On 30th April / 1st May, my Purple Donut Studs listing was chosen to be in the Etsy Finds newsletter. The theme for this newsletter was “Conversation Piece”, so my funky donuts fit in, I suppose! I didn’t even know anything about it, so imagine my surprise in the morning when I had about 20 sales!

"Conversation Piece"

The craziness has slowed down today. I’ll be busy for at least the next week and a half. SO many orders… it will take me a little longer than usual to make them all. I hope customers understand!

I am still deeply honoured to be chosen. Thanks, Etsy team!

New Treasury and Collection Features

Honestly, way too many treasury and collections. Nevertheless, I’m thrilled that so many want to feature my art. I should have a separate page just to contain these. Anyway, ArtFire is testing a new feature called Collections, much like Etsy’s Treasury. I haven’t figured out how to make one, so I assume I will have to wait until it’s a released feature.

Blue/Raspberry and Tiny Treats featuring my Red Velvet Cake Necklace.

Fruity Summer featuring my Baby Pink Cake Pendant.

Purple Pleasures and Lets Eat featuring my Purple Donut Pendant.

Thank you, everyone!