Minipost Mittwoch


In letzter Zeit ist es mir leider ein bisschen langweilig, da ich nicht so viel zu tun habe. Ich habe entschieden, auf den nächsten Deutschkurs zu verzichten. Der kostet viel zu viel.
Ich habe nur meinen Schal vom letzten Jahr weiter gestrickt. Ich schätze, ich brauche ein paar Wochen, bevor ich den Schal fertig stricken würde. Ich möchte nun eine afghanische Decke stricken, lila natürlich, und habe schon am Sonntag die Wolle bestellt. Leider werden die Wolle noch nicht geschickt. Ugh, ich habe wenig Geduld.
Zwei Teddybären von Langham Melbourne wurde am Montag zugestellt. Sie heissen Kingston und Coco. Ich darf nur Kingston bekommen, weil er vom Jahr 2013 war, und der Andere bekomme ich erst im September. Ich freue mich darauf. 😀

Unfortunately, I’ve been a little bit bored, because there’s nothing for me to do. I’ve decided to forgo the next German course — it costs too much.
I’ve just continued knitting my scarf from last year. I think I need a couple more weeks to finish it. I would now like to knit an Afghan throw, in purple of course, and I’ve already ordered the yarn for it on Sunday. Sadly, it still hasn’t been shipped. Ugh, I have very little patience.
Two teddy bears from Langham Melbourne were delivered on Monday. They’re called Kingston and Coco. I was only allowed to have Kingston, because he is from 2013, and I will only get the other one in September. I’m really looking forward to it. 😀

Was habe ich vom 7.8.2014 bis heute gemacht?

Gekauft: Ohrstöpsel, Strickgarne, einige Minkplush Plüschbären
Gelesen: Onlinezeitungen
Gehört: Ugress, Eminem
Gesehen: Planet der Affen: Revolution, Lucy
Gestrickt: noch einen Teddybär Pullover, meinen lila Schal
Getan: Polymer Clay ausgeräumt, mein Hobbyzimmer aufgeräumt, abgenommen
Gewünscht: die neuen Beast Town Plüschtiere, die im Oktober erhältlich werden
Gefreut: über den Langham-Bär Kingston, und auf Coco
Geärgert: über nichts Besonderes

What did I get up to from 7.8.2014 until today?

Bought: earplugs, knitting yarn, a few Minkplush teddy bears
Read: online newspapers
Listened: to Ugress, Eminem
Watched: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Lucy
Knitted: another teddy bear sweater, my purple scarf
Done: cleaned out old polymer clay, cleared up my hobby room, lost weight
Wished: for the new Beast Town plush toys, which will be available in October
Pleased: with Kingston the Langham Bear, looking forward to Coco
Annoyed: at nothing in particular

Bilder der Woche / Photos of the week

Langham Bears Schaffer chickens... Catrice Ombre top coat
Langham-Bären Isabella und Kingston // Schaffer Brunhilde und Bruno // Catrice Ombre Top Coat

Discarding old liquid polymer clay Sweater for my Minkplush bears Memebox Herbal Cosmetics
Polymer Clay // Teddybär Pullover, klein // Memebox Herbal Cosmetics

Zürich Zoo

Our last visit was four years ago, but not much has changed this time. It is still somewhat disappointing. Many animals could not be seen, or their pens were too small and sad looking. There was even a tortoise “habitat” which looked neglected and weed-infested. I don’t know if they even feed it anything. Nothing really beats Melbourne Zoo, in my opinion.

Of course, we seem to always go during summer, and that is when I feel the most uncomfortable and lethargic in the sun. We didn’t explore the new elephant enclosure because the walk there was unbearable. Domestic animals caught our attention the most and were fun to watch.

Only the gift shop seemed to have improved after all these years. It was a lot of fun to explore and pick out a plush toy from one of their many zoo-exclusives. I chose a llama, which is fitting because we watched the llamas for some time.

Zoo Zürich 31-7-2014

Zoo Zürich 31-7-2014I was impressed by their air plants. Mine seem to be stunted right now.

Zoo Zürich 31-7-2014

Zoo Zürich 31-7-2014


Zoo Zürich 31-7-2014


Zoo Zürich 31-7-2014

Zoo Zürich 31-7-2014

Zebra backsides. I didn’t know they had such long fur. So fuzzy!

Zoo Zürich 31-7-2014

Zoo Zürich 31-7-2014

Zoo Zürich 31-7-2014


Zoo Zürich 31-7-2014

Zoo Zürich 31-7-2014

Lazy pigs. I didn’t see any plush toys of these pigs, such a shame. I would have bought one.

To view all photos, head to my Zürich Zoo Flickr album.

How did this photo get onto Flickr Explore?!

Bantha plushie from Star Wars

I never thought this photo would make it, since… boring?! (at least to me)

I just checked my Flickr widget and noticed a lonely number 1 for Explore photos, but then realised, since when do I have an Explore photo? This photo was lazily taken in the living room — you can see the dining table legs and a Poäng knock-off in the background. For those of you wondering what the animal is, it’s a Star Wars Bantha, plush toy form.

Not that I’m unhappy that my photo now has 2500 views, I’m just surprised!

Minipost Mittwoch


Lezte Woche haben wir viel getan. Michi und ich haben am letzten Donnerstag den Zoo Zürich besucht. Fotos haben wir gemacht, aber ich habe sie vergessen! Wir waren auch während des Nationalfeiertages in der Stadt und haben ein paar Fotos gemacht, die ihr schon gesehen habt. Am letzten Samstag war der Tag der Street Parade, aber wir haben die Parade nicht wirklich gefeiert.

We did a lot last week. Michi and I visited the Zurich Zoo. We took photos, but I have forgotten about them! During the Swiss National Day, we were also in the city and took a couple of photos, which you have already seen. Last Saturday was the day of the Street Parade, but we did not really celebrate that.
I didn’t write this post in English last time, but I should remember to do that from now on.

Was habe ich vom letzten Mittwoch bis heute gemacht?

Gekauft: Memebox No Makeup Makeup, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, ein Llama-Plüschtier vom Zoo Zürich, Nici Ara Plüschtier, usw…
Gelesen: ein bisschen von Sommerflirt mit Folgen (völlig lächerliche Story)
Gehört: Beethoven: Symphony No.5 in C Minor
Gesehen: Gravity 2013 (auch zu lächerlich)
Gestrickt: nichts, was fertig ist
Getan: den Zoo Zürich besucht, eine Diät
Gewünscht: 2013 Kingston und 2014 Coco Langham-Bären aus Melbourne
Gefreut: über Memebox Aloe Vera, die einfach geil ist
Geärgert: über meinen Lieblingspostbote

What did I get up to from last Wednesday until today?

Bought: Memebox No Makeup Makeup, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, a llama plush from Zürich Zoo, Nici macaw plush, etc…
Read: a little bit from Sommerflirt mit Folgen (completely ridiculous story)
Listened: Beethoven: Symphony No.5 in C Minor
Watched: Gravity 2013 (also too ridiculous)
Knitted: nothing which is finished
Done: visited Zürich Zoo, went on a diet
Wished: for 2013 Kingston and 2014 Coco Langham Bears from Melbourne
Pleased: with Memebox Aloe Vera, which is simply awesome
Annoyed: at my favourite parcel delivery man

Bilder der Woche / Photos of the week

Spätzli napping on my lap Heart teddy bear jumper in the making Memebox Aloe Vera
Spätzli // Teddybär Pullover mit einem Herz // Memebox Aloe Vera

Swiss National Day 2014-08-01 15.41.00-2 Plushies
Schweizer Nationalfeiertag // uns // Plüschtiere

Swiss National Day – 1st August

Swiss National Day


Only shops in the main train station were open. We could at least get a couple of drinks before taking a short stroll and later having a seat on one of our favourite benches.

Swiss National DayMichael wanted to have his flag photos, so I took some too. Blue and white are for Zürich!