Day 1: Twelve Days Xmas Swop

Let’s get rolling. Here is the amazing swop parcel from Samantha, opened up! So many different wrapping papers used, I love that. The Spongebob Christmas wrapping paper caught my eye instantly… ūüėÄ

And thus, I decided to open one of those first.

Spongebob wrapped package

Spongebob wrapped package

The wrapping paper is really cute, had to take photos of both sides. I do like Spongebob! Brace yourself… here is the unwrapped item:

Two bubble bath bottles

Bubble bath! It’s purple! They’re packaged in such cute Christmas-light-bulb-shaped bottles. The shape really reminds me of a Christmas prop in a PC game I used to play, Petz. But I digress…

I have to start taking bubble baths. Perfect¬†timing, because it’s summer where I am!¬†I’m actually amazed this could be posted by air since I wouldn’t be able to do the same from over here, liquids restrictions. Thanks Samantha! ūüėÄ

Two cute bottles of purple bubble bath

Close up of the sugar plum bubbly… <3

12 Days of Christmas Swop, hosted by Juanita and Chloe. Below is the list of everybody participating in this swap, and where packages were sent to. I copied the list… hope no one minds!

8 thoughts on “Day 1: Twelve Days Xmas Swop

  1. YEAHHHHH First gift is a hit :) I liked these when I saw them. 1st off they were your favorite color and what girl doesn’t love a great bubble bath ??? Sooo glad you liked them !!! Can’t wait to watch you open the rest !!

  2. Georgiana: It’s so cute isn’t it?!

    Samantha: Oh there are so many things that I love. ūüėÄ I’ve already opened a few and scheduled my posts, hehe.

  3. (This is the second time I am leaving a comment for this post. My comments do not appear on your blog, for some reason!)

    Anyway, I think the bulb shape is too cute! And how did Samantha guess that you like purple ūüėÄ

  4. I’m so excited you like them. I’m more tickled over you opening your gifts. This one doesn’t open to allow you to put pics in. i was trying to find something with some blue bonnets on it (which always look purple to me) and a little bit of Tx on it. Love that you already have a travel magnet board… definitely fits in !!!

  5. Juanita: Again, sorry! They’ll now show up since I marked you as not spam :)
    The purple is very obvious right? haha. Lightbulb shape is really adorable. I wish the containers were more sturdy so that I could keep them.

    Samantha: Ah good to know that! I wasn’t quite sure, but decided to leave it alone just in case ūüėÄ Yes it’s really lucky that I already have a place for all the magnets I’ve collected on travels, or been given by my husband.

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